• Wood type: Oak burl
  • Filling color: Black transparent resin
  • Varnish: Satin polyurethane
  • Base: Steel
  • Tray thickness: 4 cm


L-shaped desk in black epoxy resin.

To say that it is a beautiful desk is not fair, it is a true work of art that will fascinate forever.it is a true work of art that will fascinate forever.

For this desk we used pieces of burl oak because this wood is extremely rare.

The perfect color combination of wood and clear black epoxy resin completes the refined style of the desk.

You can constantly look at the extremely unique structure of these pieces of wood with an ideal natural beauty.

In the rhythm of modern life, we lack lively and pleasant emotions.

The solid wood and epoxy desk will bring brightness to your interior.

Create your own style with French Epoxy.

Important elements:

Each model is unique, when you order we will study together your choice of wood boards in burr oak, the exact coloring of the resin and a custom-made base will be offered.