• Wood type: Solid poplar
  • Filling color: Blue resin with wave effects
  • Varnish: Polyurethane gloss
  • Base: Black matte steel
  • Dimensions: 200 cm (L) x 110 cm (W) x 75 cm (H)
  • Tray thickness: 5 cm


River table in solid wood and epoxy resin with wave effects.

It is a true masterpiece that has found a practical use.

The table is made of 100% solid wood which will ensure its durability.

For the casting, we used only high quality epoxy resin.

The highlight of the table’s style is the irregular wave effect on the irregular inner edges of the Poplar burl.

Gathering around such a table will always give you a magical feeling.

Important elements:

Each model is unique, at the time of your order we will study together your choice of wood boards in poplar, the exact coloring of the resin and a customized base from our catalog will be offered.