Table in Poplar and transparent Epoxy resin

Le temps de livraison est de 8 weeks


  • Wood type: Solid poplar
  • Filling color: Clear epoxy
  • Varnish: Polyurethane gloss
  • Base: Gold colored steel
  • Dimensions: 230 (L) x 95 (W) x 75 (H) cm
  • Tray thickness: 4 cm


For this table we found beautiful pieces of Poplar burl and filled them with clear epoxy resin.

Poplar wood has an extremely beautiful structure that sparkles in the light.

The highlight of the table’s style is the gold-colored M-frame, which does not interfere with the beautiful transparent river at any point.

Our legs are made specifically to accommodate chairs and offer comfort to your guests at the table.

Important elements:

Each model is unique, at the time of your order we will study together your choice of wood planks in walnut, the exact coloring of the resin and a custom-made base will be offered.


Additional information

Weight90 kg
Dimensions235 × 95 × 75 cm